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I’ve spent years researching and administering thousands of treatments to develop this proprietary Stem Cell Regeneration MD technology.  We now treat a variety of conditions, including sports injuries, aging, autoimmune disorders, and more.  I enjoy sharing the power of stem cell therapy and the great potential it can have on people's lives.  I’m Doctor Humberto founder of Stem Cell Regeneration MD, a division of Show Me Younger Medical Aesthetics.

What are Stem Cells?  

What are stem cells?   Stem cells are the body's raw materials — cells from which all other cells are generated.  Under the right healthy conditions in the body stem cells divide to form more cells.  These cells become either new stem cells or specialized cells (differentiation) with a more specific function, such as blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle cells or bone cells.  Stem Cells in your body have the natural ability to generate new cell types.  With my proprietary Stem Cell Regeneration therapy we enter your body to extract stem cells and then give them a jump start in the lab.  They can be extracted from bone marrow, muscle tissue, your heart and brain.  This is very promising when it comes to cancer treatments, Stem Cell Regeneration is showing great results in getting stem cells generated again.  And the best part of my system is we do not introduce embryonic or animal stem cells into your body which could bring toxins and even cancer.

Stem Cell Regeneration MD therapy is a practical, ethical alternative for treating various conditions.  Stem cells are harvested from your body, isolated, stimulated, and then re-introduced into a damaged or degenerated tissue to repair it.  The new healthy stem cells reproduce, differentiate, and become like little soldiers secreting chemical signals, calling different types of cells from other parts of your body (an army) to help repair damaged tissue.  This NEW type of treatment uses your safe stem cells to treat various conditions like arthritic joints, ligament/tendon injuries, sports injuries, skin conditions, chronic neck pain, headaches, strokes, back pain, cancer, and other life-threatening conditions.  Stem cell regeneration can replace different, more invasive types of treatment and in many cases eliminate unnecessary surgeries.  Again I want to stress that our stem cell therapies, using your regenerated cells, make our treatments safe and 100% ethical. 


Sports Injuries

Sports injuries.   With my Stem Cell Regeneration MD therapies I have treated many athletes giving them both recovery from a sports injury and also improved performance on the field.  For sports injuries, stem cell therapy can be used for damaged tendons, torn ligaments, and other damages to muscles, bones, and cartilages. Depending on the injury, I can apply regenerated stem cells through direct surgery, stem cell-bearing sutures, and/or injection into needed areas.  Stem cell therapy is not considered standard practice by sports medicine doctors and not covered by most insurance companies, but I can tell you that we have had great success in getting athletes back in the game.   Regenerated Stem cells are applied to an injured area via: Direct surgical application applying stem cells directly to the torn ligament, tendon, or bone being repaired.  Sometimes I may stitch together a torn muscle, ligament, or tendon using a thread-like material that is coated in stem cells. (The suture material itself will dissolve and be absorbed in the body over time.  90% of the time I inject regenerated stem cells directly into the affected area in an outpatient procedure.

Aging Therapies

Stem cell Regeneration combined with anti-aging genes can potentially absorb the process of cellular aging. The potential benefits of regeneration stem cells as an anti-aging therapy include cell rejuvenation, improved organ function, and reduced risk of age-related diseases.  Anti-aging and regenerative medicine seeks to understand and treat the root causes of the aging process.  The goal is to extend individual patients' lifespans while promoting better health outcomes and higher quality of life.  This has been one of the main areas of my Stem Cell Regeneration research.  By taking your old and dormant stem cells and rejuvenating them in the lab replacing them back in your body I’ve seen amazing results both inside and outside the body.  I’ve seen great results with improving sexual desire, performance, and satisfaction, better moods and energy levels, greater control in weight and BMI,  and even signs of reversed symptoms of type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions.

I’m Doctor Humberto Olivero, come visit us at Stem Cell Regeneration MD for a NEW you.  Click the button below and discover if you are a good candidate for successful Stem Cell Regeneration MD Therapy.

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