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Dr. Humberto J. Olivero


Welcome to Stem Cell Regeneration MD.  I’m Doctor Humberto founder of Stem Cell Regeneration MD, a division of Show My Younger Medical Aesthetics.

Stem cell regeneration stands as a beacon of hope in medical science, heralding transformative possibilities for health and longevity.  At its core, regenerative stem cell therapy capitalizes on the remarkable potential of stem cells, the undifferentiated cells capable of regenerating and repairing damaged tissues throughout the body.  This cutting-edge approach holds immense promise and presents a multitude of benefits that could redefine our modern healthcare paradigms.

One of the most significant advantages of stem cell rejuvenation lies in its regenerative prowess.  Stem cells possess the remarkable ability to differentiate into specialized cell types, facilitating the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues and organs.  This potential holds great promise for treating a multitude of conditions, from spinal cord injuries to heart disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer and beyond. By harnessing the regenerative capabilities of stem cells, my exclusive therapies offers hope for individuals grappling with debilitating ailments, promising not just improvement but potential cures.

My stem cell rejuvenation processes offer a unique avenue for personalized treatments I use to cultivate and manipulate stem cells in the lab for tailored treatments.  These customized treatments match a patient's specific biological needs using their own stem cells and converting them into a new and strong cell.  This approach maximizes effectiveness while eliminating the risk of rejection, as the cells used are derived from the patient's own body.

My groundbreaking therapy has revolutionized the aging process itself.  As cells age, their regenerative capacity diminishes, leading to various age-related degenerative diseases.  My Stem cell rejuvenation therapies replenish and revitalize aging cells, potentially extending healthy lifespans and mitigating age-related ailments.

While the prospects are undeniably exciting, my process has undergone full ethical considerations, human testing, and regulatory frameworks—all my therapies are assuredly safe for the user–I know, because I was the first live human test subject more than six years ago.  Since then, hundreds of peoples lives have benefited from my treatments.  Please give us a try.  You will not regret your decision.  

Marisa Olivero

Business Manager

Marisa Olivero is an exceptional professional, seamlessly blending her engineering and marketing prowess to tackle 21st-century medical technologies with innovative solutions.  Her astute problem-solving skills complement her husband's expertise, forming a dynamic duo in navigating complex business and health care issues.  Marisa's dedication to her family is unparalleled, infusing her work with enthusiasm and love.  As the business manager of Stem Cell Regeneration MD, she not only embodies the brand but also orchestrates its day-to-day operations with finesse.  Marisa's multifaceted role extends beyond mere management; she is the driving force behind the brand's success, leveraging her marketing finesse to propel Stem Cell Regeneration MD to new heights.  With her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment, Marisa continues to shape the landscape of healthcare innovation, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and inspiring others to follow suit.

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